The Earth is still ready to give birth

Jesi’s Poem: One

75779The sky on the top and

The Earth underneath the foot

Tangible and visible them

The air in between, breathing in and out

Survive each and every one


No matter how many time she is severely suffered

The Earth is the Mom, she never shouts for the pain

Father sky dropping droplets as like sperm

The Earth is still ready to give birth

The means of origin- the Earth and the Sky

Designed by the nature

The creator biggest forever;


Let’s not understand she is just a Mom

But she is the nature as a whole

Without whom I wouldn’t be writing here

The Earth and the Sky co-existence of life

The universe and the truth

Let’s not ignore the rules of the nature

Humanity, sustainability through the Fair share

Let’s follow the rules

Instead of rules were created to fulfil selfishness

In the dark day and the night

18/01/2015, UK

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