SORRY for the delayed train: Enough is enough


Dark nights and deleayed trains Photo @INCOMESCO / Jesi

Let’s imagine about the plight of octogenarian commuters, baby in a buggy with their parent in the coldest days, workers heading towards work and flight passengers are expecting their trains are coming on time!

But it is very common announcement ‘‘Sorry for the delayed train due to a fault of signalling equipment’’ at the train station. I am one of the frequent victims of such inappropriate and poor quality of rail services.

Every year in January train fare goes up automatically about more than 5 percent in the name of quality services. But ‘‘rail companies have been accused of treating commuters like criminals’’ [Metro]

I had a same ‘delayed’ problem this morning too. I was feeling helpless then looked around the faces of similar victims in the coldest morning and took a long breath to accept the atrocities of train companies.

Finally  the train was cancelled after a long waiting ; Photo @INCOMESCO / Jesi

Here is an online news published today on The Argues (10the of February 2015) –

‘‘DESPITE almost 1,700 trains being late last month, frustrated passengers could only claim compensation for 59 of the journeys.’’

The statistic shows just how inappropriate Southern Rail’s compensation scheme is.

Figures for January released by rail watchdog Delay Repay Sniper reveal 52% of the total of 3,466 journeys to and from Brighton and London Victoria were in some way late or delayed.

In total, passengers endured 13,459 minutes of delays – that is 224 hours or 9.3 days.

Broken down, 908 out of 1,655 services from Brighton to Victoria were classed as late.

On the return leg from Victoria to Brighton, 896 out of 1811 services were late.

Southern’s compensation criteria means that those put out by the company’s poor performance can only claim if they are 30 minutes late. If a train is 29 minutes late – they are entitled to nothing.’’

‘‘Quite simply, what is happening here is not good enough.

‘‘Quite simply, what is happening here is not good enough. Passengers are getting a raw deal with ever-increasing rail fares’’

Commuting by standing due to over crowd, long waiting for delayed trains, increasing fare every year automatically are the plights of the train commuters every day.

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