shield : Poetry

Party politics

Polarisation of thought,

YOU all bad, only I am good

A blame game


Dividing the people

 Making group smaller,

 Grabbing people individually

 To make the camp bigger


No matter!

Conspiracy and value erosion

Bargaining and compromising too much

Misusing the power

Using PEOPLE everywhere,

As a shield


Just for vote

To win the next election

This is democracy party politics

2 thoughts on “shield : Poetry

  1. I do think that larger and larger parts of the world’s societies are growing resistant with this pattern of politics. That change is starting to form at lower levels as restlessness with divisive patterns grows. I sometimes wonder if the politics grow louder because we are all beginning to turn a deaf ear to the drama.

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    1. INCOMESCO / Jesi 11/06/2015 — 3:16 pm

      Thats true my friend. Thank you so much for the comments.


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