Donations: Sixteen percent for victims and the rest go back to the philanthropists

Let us start this post from this poetry,

Charity is the donation

in the name of poor

to the rich

for their luxury and

six digit salaries.  

Due to massive earthquake- 2015 in a poor small country Nepal, about ten thousand people died and half million were affected. They lost their beloved family members, property and ultimately lost remaining hope as well.

Definitely it was the time to seek assistance from all well-wishers; family and donors. Everybody was working hard to collect donation and help. People were generously giving highest amount whatever they could. Due to what, it was said; more than four billions donations were collected. It was absolutely good example of philanthropy (link of my post) and humanity.

But later a research report published and came to know that only 16 percent of the amount was distributed to the victims especially from the periphery of the city. And rest of the 84 percent amount went back to salary, flight fuel, Boeing, dogs, accommodation and so on. According to that report mostly donors did not go to far village where actual victims were waiting for help. The reason was lack of infrastructure like transportation, communication, accommodation, security and so on. Even the bizarre things were  the big tussle/tension and politics between the donor and countries.

I still am un answered that why so called philanthropists have been  even bullying poor and such victims by showing their extravagant life, six digit salary, car, five star hotels, Boeings and Jets.

If you guys are working just to give 16 percent to the victims and rest 84 percent for your purpose; please do not bother the victims. They are used to bear their pain and happy to struggle to get out from the pain.

Please, don’t misuse the victim for your vested business!!!


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The Himal Media (31/02/2072)

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      1. Want to get the message out, women in Nepal there is a place for your voice! Any woman that wants to speak on any issue affecting their life is welcome!

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