Don’t you remember a hungry child while throwing food in the bin ?

The amount of food wasted and lost globally is shameful as millions of people around the world go to bed hungry every night. It is also an unnecessary waste of the land, water and energy resources that were used in the production, processing and distribution of wasted food.

The fact is food production is getting insufficient to meet day to day demand. People normally need 2,124 calories Intake per day. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in the world it is estimated that about worth of $1 trillion food gets lost or waste in production and consumption systems, more than 840 million people do not have enough food to eat. According to the United Nations, global population would be about 9.5 billion by 2075 meaning there could be an extra three billion people to feed by the end of the century. Read more

Please click the image below to view WORLD FOOD CLOCK, A visualisation showing global food production & waste. 


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