Can CEOs follow in the footsteps of Dan price?

Today, inequality is intolerable. The 3.5 billion people in the World are still poor. Humanitarian crisis is the biggest problem ever. Corruption, human trafficking, global warming are the alarming problems. So change we need and also change is essential to protect the achievements, we have made so far. Otherwise the pitchforks are coming to kill plutocrats.

As an achievement of globalization and privatization the government is forced to impose austerity measures, consumer sector is struggling to pay bills like health, education, food and overall life. But private sector have done tremendous progress. They have more wealth. In the World the richest  85 people have equal wealth as the 3.5 billion poor have. Hence the pay gap is the reason of inequality. Board Directors are allowed to take decisions about the pay rate, no one can challenge whatever the difference are. According to Thomas Piketty ‘super managers do nothing but earn more income from the wealth.’

Again, can CEOs follow in the footsteps of Dan price? The Seattle CEO cut his own salary to give his employees a much higher basic pay, an experiment some describe as ‘lunatic’, others pioneering. It’s about values, he says, and hopes others will follow his lead in tackling inequality. But will they?

In April 2015 Dan price announced that he was going to pay all his staff a minimum wage of $70,000 (the average salary had been $48,000), the amount he decided was needed to live a “normal life”. This was not driven by political ideology but by a desire to be fairer. To help pay for this, he slashed his $1.1m salary to the same amount.  Read more at
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2 thoughts on “Can CEOs follow in the footsteps of Dan price?

  1. I think the odds are extremely tiny that the rich elite will voluntarily give up their wealth. History teaches that greed isn’t easily overcome.

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    1. INCOMESCO / Jesi 02/12/2015 — 9:21 am

      Absolutely. you are right “greed isn’t easily overcome ” . Many thanks.


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