Stakeholders: Trust for Success

This post was inducted / shared in a public lecturer programme organised by University of Bath-FL, UK. Many thanks to Dr. Steve Cayzer, Lecturer of Bath University for the brilliant presentation:


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Trust is one of the most valuable asset in the workplace even all aspects of life. Once trust is lost it is almost impossible to earn back. Many marriages, friendships, businesses or even governments fail because of lack of trust. Trust return in equal measure to how it has been given. It depends on the circumstances too. Conflict between interest lead to mistrust that ultimately lead failure state. So leader is responsible to unify the interest.

There is mistrust going on between bankers and government. Because of ongoing financial crises governments have been seeking support from the bankers to put cap on their bonus. For example news published in The Guardian on Tuesday 4 March 2014 said that HSBC, UK decided to pay its chief executive an additional £32,000 a week in allowances on top of his £1.2m salary, Virgin Money raised the salary of its boss…

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2 thoughts on “Stakeholders: Trust for Success

  1. Nice post! Yes it’s true the Banksters are corrupt to the core and are trying to hide the collapse from us. It’s in freefall now and will collapse it’s just a case of how long the media can keep the wool over the masses eyes!


    1. INCOMESCO / Jesi 17/02/2016 — 4:19 pm

      Thank you so much. that’s true but people are not born yesterday. Slowly slowly they are getting clues. Wish you all the best,


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