Millions of hectare land

Able to give food!

Millions of hunger

Desperately seeking food

 They just need farmers and seeds

Can state bring insurgents back;

And start to buy seeds !

©Jesi, 2016

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5 thoughts on “Productivity

  1. Wonderful words Jesi.

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    1. INCOMESCO / Jesi 24/03/2016 — 10:22 pm

      Many thanks Nico. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  2. spartacus2030 25/03/2016 — 2:33 am

    You’re right Jesi! There’s no reason why people should be starving in the world today!

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    1. INCOMESCO / Jesi 25/03/2016 — 2:48 am

      Thank you for the visit and your comments, yes they are exploited.


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