Gross Happiness


We have been seeking happiness on the pain of others. Militarization, materialization and robotisation of human beings are the pain which is the routine job of so-called modern society. This is not the way of sustainability as well but we are talking so much about sustainability. Definitely wisdom is better than knowledge. Liberalism is better than realism. We are mitigating or ignoring the role of wisdom, liberalism and sustainability while targeting the achievement. We are happy in our business but we are loosing much more; for example global warming. An alternative of development  around the humanity is missing and ‘unnecessary’ competition are being promoted…

”Well-being necessitates an immediate, aggressive, and ongoing campaign to change the indicators that decision makers are using to guide policies and evaluate progress. We need indicators that promote truly sustainable development and the development that improves the quality of human life while living within  and supporting ecosystems, The possible answer could be Gross Happiness (GH). Continue reading…

2 thoughts on “Gross Happiness

  1. Cezane & Michelle 15/05/2016 — 8:51 am

    Utterly Splendid! This is almost what the entire world is turning into. Such like messages are key reminders towarda an awakening call! – Cezane

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    1. INCOMESCO / Jesi 15/05/2016 — 1:54 pm

      thank you Cezane, I am awarded 🙂 regarding the post I am trying to explore the hidden reality

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