Brexit was an outcome of a divided campaign within the Tories

Now, the UK has decided to leave the EU following the results from the referendum. People’s verdict is always supreme; everyone should respect the mandate. But the Brexit was an outcome of a divided campaign within the Conservative party i.e. Prime Minister vs Ex-Mayor of London. Also I think, election time is not good as people are disappointed with austerity measures and the European Union (EU). The EU was unable to sort out the problems of austerity, migrants, financial crisis and so on.

 This massage should be communicated to the people so that Labour party could win the next election. Instead of doing so, a group of Labour Party are blaming Jeremy Corbyn, party leader, as a responsible factor for losing the referendum and asking him to resign from his position. Whereas Corbyn’s leadership has increased the attraction of Labour party, basically number of youth membership have increased tremendously.

 I don’t understand that why Labour Party and Corbyn’s leadership should be victimised by the Labour leaders themselves. Strange!  Simply, MPs may change the party leader for the parliament but can’t change the leader of the party.

I think this is right time to be unified under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn to gain confidence of the people and eliminate discriminatory migration policies. Because there is a lot to be done to get control after BRIXIT.

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