Amazing images from an ignored destination

Nepal is beautiful Himalayan landlocked country lies in between big giants, emerging economies, China and India. Diversity is the greatest feature of this country. Climate/nature, languages and cultural are so diversified. Evergreen cold and snow in the mountain range (Boarder of China), warm weather in mid part, and hottest plain area (boarder of India) have made the country natural sangria-la in the world. Nepal is the residence of registered 123 languages of 40 cultural groups (casts) and 30 million people. Chronic cast-system and poverty is, now, being translated into hope through its people’s hard work and honesty. 

But the country have been greatly risking from dirty childish internal politics and giant neighbour’s peripheral international affairs. Poverty is the biggest threats and water resources is biggest potentiality (Commercially 43 MW hydro-power potentiality) of development. Tourism is another amazing prospect of Nepal, where there are tallest Mount Everest and other 8 highest mountains luring tourist greatly.

As like others in the world, Nepal have been waiting a time of good manager to utilise it’s high potentials of natural resources and development. Nepal is a witness of ignorant destination of globalisation since it has huge development potentials (natural resources like water) that can be shared for the benefit of the entire world.  

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  1. Love the images from Nepal. My cousin just spent a few months there teaching critical car nursing. It was his 9th trip. He write a blog and includes photos of the country. Thanks for the visit.

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    1. Thank you so much for the visit and information. Wow, he must know everything about Nepal then. Love to see those pictures as well if you could send the link of his blog. 🙂

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