Dependency, Debris and Destination

there was a long traffic queue when I was driving through the A331. Suddenly driving became slow in 1st or 2nd gear. There could be two reasons for the slow traffic. One could be road work and other could be accident. But I surely was thinking that was due to accident. I had Goosebumps and felt ‘‘sorry’’ for them who possibly were involved in accident although I did not see the accident.

Because of the long queue, vehicles were driven willy-nilly. The scary thought came one after another, which would give lot of lesson to be learnt and to be careful. I think, man, who created the products such as vehicles can stop the bad result like accidents. An accident might happen but it can be stopped if thought about twice.

I spotted the scene of the accident from about half mile away. Definitely it was a kind of scary scene for every one where mess of cars, debris and impatient help seekers were around. In the accident, two cars were off road on the left hand side of the road. They were completely smashed and damaged. I could guess it was massive loss even though I was unable to see the casualties. It was a stunning scene, stunning loss that could be stopped, may be!

Brain stormed! I could not drive fast more than 60 mph, a minimum speed limit for that road. The slow driving woke me with some thoughts –

Why don’t people think twice about a possibility of such a bad incident before starting the journey? Driving is a big risk, we must be always careful to deal such risk. What I normally think and suggest to myself is to be able to get expected good result, we must figure out and follow the worst case scenario so that we keep thinking to apply maximum preventive measures.

Also, accidently on the same day I did not have my mobile with me as I left that while putting on charge. I could not remember the essential contact numbers either. I kept thinking about human life which is completely dependent on technology on the verge of Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR). The FIR is an era defined to be digitalisation and robotisation. It is a kind of transformation of smart information technology by replacing human.

Luckily, I had four contact numbers, which I noted on my dairy just few weeks ago by thinking such a ‘‘dependency’’ of smart products. Using a landline and noted numbers I managed to call to inform to my family. Now I am going to note more contacts in my diary. By the way, have you noted down the some contact numbers of your family yet ?

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