Globalization can be reshaped

Globalization is neither feasible nor desirable. The problems are not with globalization, but with how it has been managed. IMF, World Bank and WTO have served the interest of the advanced industrialized countries particularly narrow mind-sets rather than developing world. Pfofessor Joseph Stiglitz believes globalization can be reshaped to realize its potentials. Government can, and has, played an essential role not only in mitigating these markets failure but also in ensuring social justice by providing the safety net for the poor.  According to him new international institution that will only look after Globalization, of course, can focus on issue where global collective action is desirable, or even necessar. Read full book review: The Globalization and its Discontents

2 thoughts on “Globalization can be reshaped

  1. Excellent post Jesi. As many have noted, Stiglitz has been in many unique and powerful positions in his career as an economist. Because of this wide background, his insights into the current state of globalism deserve to be heard and examined.

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    1. INCOMESCO / Jesi 13/10/2016 — 10:57 am

      Many thanks Perry, Stiglitz has greate idea to trensform the World as prospereous, fair and peaceful. I think he got real idea of development what mankind is looking for.

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