But on free trade they have a point | The Guardian

They have insistedthat black is white, even as the voters beg to differ. In their seminar rooms, their TV studios and their Geneva offices, they have perpetrated the ideological sleight of hand that equates internationalism with free trade, and globalisation with untrammelled corporate power. The result has been misery for workers from Bolton to Baltimore to Bangladesh. But it has also left the six-figure technocrats who supervise our economic system pushing a zombie idea. Because that is what free trade has become: an idea leached of life and meaning but stumbling on for want of any replacement. We have a globalisation for bankers, but not for children fleeing the bombs of Syria. Security for investors but not for workers … Read full article


2 thoughts on “But on free trade they have a point | The Guardian

  1. Excellent post! There’s so much food for thought here.

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    1. INCOMESCO / Jesi 21/10/2016 — 9:35 am

      Thank you so much Perry, and just for info, being a Food security student i have started different blog to reflect the ideas distinctly, that is http://www.foodseed.wordpress.com

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