New Year Resolution: pray for PEACE, act for FOOD

It is a time to say bye-bye 2016 and welcome 2017. That’s sound great! We have already been boarded on the flight of 2017 and the duration of the flight will be 12 months. Our final destination is good health and prosperity. We will be stopping for the food for good health, the love and harmony for the family and the peace for the world. During the journey, we will be offered interesting continental food by the smart air hostages. Once eaten delicious, healthy, and nutritious food, please don’t forget to THANK a FARMER who actually offered that food in our journey.

It is oblivious to expect personal betterment and the betterment of society. Let’s wish Happiness, Peace, Prosperity, Progress on this occasion of happy new year 2017. Moreover,  Let’s think- did we do anything good for food in 2016 except eating them? Calculate how much did we eat? don’t think we bought them from the shops, but think food comes from soil and it is produced by the farmers. Now, both of them soil and farmer are jeopardised. Risky climate and poverty are the enemies of our food security. Do we ever think about ‘no food, no life’! So let’s put some efforts in 2017 to produce, preserve or any positive work for the food we need tonight, otherwise, we no longer be able to get food. Our mission is definitely not creating a hungry planet.

The 8 million people are hungry but every year more than 222 million tonnes food is wasted. So lets pray for the peace so that production will be safe.

Let’s think about it as well- Are we happy with the results achieved so far? What did we expect when saying bye-bye 2015 and greeting 2016? How much cost in terms of money, time, engagement etc. we invested in celebrating those New Year’s Eves? Were those resolutions myth or just for the celebration? Have we been constantly watching our world where it has gone, how many people today are hungry, refugee, conflict victims? Human, obviously we are solely responsible for creating such inhuman results. If we expect a better world without following the path of protecting biotic and abiotic factors then our promises are fabrication and lie.

The 8 million people are hungry but every year more than 222 million tonnes food is wasted. Millions of people were killed in the conflicts and other were forced to flee by making them refugee every year. A majority of them were the innocent civilian. Conflicts accelerate food insecurity and refugees need more food support as millions are forced to stop working in the farm field. So let’s pray for the peace as well so that our production will be safe.

Finally, let’s pray for the PEACE and act for the FOOD as a New Year resolution. Let’s not forget that we have borrowed this earth for our use with the promise of a safe return to the next generation. Wishing you a safe flight and a very happy new year, it may bring peace, prosperity and progress.

Feature Image: FAO

4 thoughts on “New Year Resolution: pray for PEACE, act for FOOD

  1. Thank you Jesi, Yes let us certainly pray for peace and lets redistribute the food and water supplies – there is plenty for everyone. – Sol

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    1. INCOMESCO / Jesi 02/01/2017 — 1:42 pm

      Many thanks 🙏. Wishing you a very happy New Year 🎉

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  2. I like your thinking. Where I live the famers are polluting the water with their chemicals. Not a sustainable thing. We all need to do better to protect water and air, and waste less!

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    1. INCOMESCO / Jesi 03/01/2017 — 12:00 am

      Many thanks 🙏 for your valuable comments. Serious issues need to be fixed seriously, urgently and globally. Wishing you a very happy New Year.


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