Globalization or Googalization !

Globalization is in critical mode, basically after Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory in US president has brought forward “New Nationalism“, The IMF, World Bank and Treasury department of US were the creators of Washington consensus. Then What would happen with neoliberalism?  Some interesting readings lists.

Whose resources sharing?

“If globalization is the process of sharing ideas and resources across borders, the evidence reviewed here is more positive than otherwise….” -IMF  Globalization insider and outsider


Making Globalization work 

Globalizing without Globalization

“But today’s digital media environment is different. At the height of his media era, a telegenic Ronald Reagan could broadcast a speech in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and demand that Gorbachev “tear down this wall.” Today’s ultimate digi-genic candidate Donald Trump demands that we build a wall to protect us from Mexicans…

Why President elect Donald Trump attacked CNN and BUZFeed? Because- “It’s either 12 point or 13 point, positioned here or there”. But “Did you send the email or not? There are no in-betweens.” Let’s see this latest development in line with digital media and Globalization or Googalization. I found this very interesting.” Let’s Explore more


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