Food Security and Zero Hunger

  • Disseminated data on food waste, history of famines and current inflamed obesity in affluent society have proved that hunger is a careless problem by design ! #ZeroHunger
  • Women produced 80% food in developing countries but they face 70% poverty. Similarly more than 80% food is produced in developing countries but they are suffering from vicious circle of poverty and chronic hunger !!!
  • Zero Hunger by 2030, Isn’t it possible ? #FoodSecurity 
  • According to FAO, Food security exists all people, at all times have physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary need and food preferences for an active and healthy life; That refers to the availability of, access to, utilisation of food and sustainability
  • Food insecurity is below the calorie intake
  • Food security used to be thought as a matter of individual calorie intake but now it is accepted as wider sense of effect on health order, behaviour, and outcomes as well.
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