Sharing values and power: What is Trumpism all about?

A power is a similar situation of addiction. There may be endless debate on where power must be. Generally, the terms ‘power over’ ‘power with’ ‘power to’ and ‘power within’ (a lecture note, 2016) are used to ‘express’ the power. I will talk later on how power is empowered, how it is handed in. But here I am inclined to talk about the power we often understand that is globalised. Has it been globalised the power or even synchronised?

 Societies today are divided as poor, rich, elite, working class, religion, cast, southern and northern group, western, developed and developing etc. These are the terms often used to indicate divided societies though basically modernisation claim that the world is globalised. The claim might not be wrong. However, there are a lot of examples of globalisation without globalised properly. Because the terms, which have been used to show a division deceive the mistrust within the power.

 The world has been globalised to exploit the external resources but it has not been globalised to share (or let’s say to give own resources) own resources. The example we have is Trumpian ideology (President Donald Trump’s policy) of ‘new Nationalism’ (The Economist, 2016) who is more critical of immigrants issue, Mexican wall and the power used by the media. The US is the promotor of Neoliberalism/globalisation, but now it is said that President Trump is breaking the rule and values of neoliberalism. I think Trump, as a person is nothing but the Republican Party is behind creating a Trumpianism and Trump’s victory. That’s why it can be believed that this is the policy they are intending to adopt in the future to hold the power. Let’s see what will happen with the Obamanism (Then President Barack Obama’s policy) and democrats. This is the power sharing and power influence problem. Because of the power, there is mistrust everywhere. The power that originates from the big powers not from the small and bottom. However smallest and scattered power can be a power when it comes collectively, I think.

So the world should be globalised in resources and power sharing system. Regarding this, the world isn’t actually globalised. Though nowadays this is not a fashion to talk about globalisation. The market has been captured by global warming and inequality. Formal countdown of globalisation has been started when Trump announces his territorial policy. I appreciate to him as he is at least open to tell the fact. If the world still believes in globalised values and norms then it must think how harmony is maintained. Otherwise rising mistrust within us push to the unstable dark corner.

Let’s love achievements and job done so far and be common to share the values and the power. Because liberalisation is the best ever values in the world to respect and share the value and power. The world must be empowered with this principle.

Next topic will be- My father holds more power in the family than me whereas I earn more, is it right or wrong? If you have any ideas, please share below.

2 thoughts on “Sharing values and power: What is Trumpism all about?

  1. Trump is nothing but a lying bully. He isn’t into the hard work of governing. It is hard to say where any of this will end up. So far he is a threat to democracy with threats on the media and followers that believe he is the only one that holds the truth. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. It is one hour at a time wondering what the next crisis will be.

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    1. INCOMESCO / Jesi 19/02/2017 — 2:59 am

      That’s true. Thank you so much for stopping by and your valuable comments.


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