Economists Ignore One of Capitalism’s Biggest Problems

By Steve Keen | Evonomics

I like Joe Stiglitz, both professionally and personally. His Globalization and its Discontents was virtually the only work by a Nobel Laureate economist that I cited favourably in my Debunking Economics, because he had the courage to challenge the professional orthodoxy on the “Washington Consensus”. Far more than most in the economics mainstream—like Ken Rogoff for example—Joe is capable of thinking outside its box.

But Joe’s latest public contribution—“The Great Malaise Continues” on Project Syndicate—simply echoes the mainstream on a crucial point that explains why the US economy is at stall speed, which the mainstream simply doesn’t get.

Joe correctly notes that “the world faces a deficiency of aggregate demand”, and attributes this to both “growing inequality and a mindless wave of fiscal austerity”, neither of which I dispute. But then he adds that part of the problem is that “our banks … are not fit to fulfill their purpose” because “they have failed in their essential function of intermediation”  Full article on Evonomics

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3 thoughts on “Economists Ignore One of Capitalism’s Biggest Problems

  1. I really like Steve Keen, especially the way he has of clarifying the economic impacts of private money creation (via private banks) on society.

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    1. INCOMESCO / Jesi 27/02/2017 — 6:56 pm

      Thank you. That’s absolutely true, Cause he is using his ‘wisdom’ to analyse the problems. I am fond of reading his thoughts 💭


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