Food: Hygienic or Photogenic

There are attractive photographs or visualisation around the food. Chefs like to display their culinary art in an attractive and decorative way to lure their customers. However, food is more than attractive advertisement and it is a matter of quality, hygiene and nutritional ingredients. A good governance policy must include how ‘food economy’ is being cared. Market believe on profit and profit comes from manipulation, deception and asymmetric information. The market cannot survive without those ‘business strategies’ because market have to win the competition. Considering the facts I would love to share this article here, which is written by Charles Spence for the Guardian.


These days, more and more chefs are becoming concerned (obsessed, even) by how their food photographs. And not only for the pictures that will adorn the pages of their next cookbook.

“This is not just chocolate pudding, this is a Marks & Spencer chocolate pudding.” Sales skyrocketed by around 3,500%.

Many of the recipes that top chefs make on television shows are incredibly calorific or unhealthy. …How worried should we be by the rise of food porn? The Guardian



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