Justice is denied by designed

Some claim the world has achieved tremendous progress and prosperity, however, many believe that more than half of the world’s population are still struggling to have fulfilled their basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. Few are enjoying the wealth while many are suffering from extreme poverty. The patterns of resources distribution are extremely unequal.  Due to unequal distribution of national income, the World has become materialistic and selfish. Welfare has been replaced by profit. Although, it is an endless debate on development and politics, however, people living in adversity are the reality of the world no matter who is resourceful is a matter to be debated. Feelings of insecurity around affluent societies are a type of adversity. Having too much or having very little is the result of mismanagement.

Well, the progress that has been achieved so far in science and technology cannot be denied. These achievements facilitate human life, support their activities and sophisticate physical infrastructure. Great outcomes have added the hope and optimism against pessimist population theory of TR Malthus. However, the question is ‘hope’ should be for all not for the few; availability must be accessible for all not for the few.


Let’s see the distribution pattern national income by taking an example from the education system. The student who is from lower income family achieved excellent result want to enroll university for further education. The expensive tuition fee is unaffordable for him/her because of their low level of income. They may want to go to the judiciary by seeking the right of study as tuition fee is obstructing his full right to join the University. However, protection of existing laws and order are the responsibility of judiciary. Judiciary does not care about the economic condition of people while editing the jurisdiction. This is a scenario of thousands of intelligent students as they have been barred to gain access of higher education. Similarly, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Board of Directors (BoDs) are allowed to determined unequal pay by the law made by the state i.e. parliamentarians. This is a kind of social settings set up; it is easier for the rich and harder for the poor to gain access. This is how low-income groups are lagging behind the opportunities. The education system is created by well-off groups who are representing in the parliament. Their main concern is protecting themselves and their interests. For example, poor Americans could be served more by socialist Bernie Sanders than billionaire Donald Trump. Today, Majority of the parliamentarian in the world are wealthier. They are influenced by the tycoons. The tycoons can influence parliamentarians and deviate them away from the basic objectives of the state to protect the rights and the access of majority. Democracy is a transparent system as it can easily be manipulated by the clever ‘Wolfs of Wall’.

There is no law, which guarantees a home for homeless, a plate of food for hunger, a medicine for the sick or a job for an unemployed and so on.

Moreover, today’s democracy is discontented with materialistic contexts rather than humanitarian welfare. It is represented by the one percent directly or indirectly by using lobby groups and invisible hands. Without accepting ‘an intention’ of ‘power’ no one can prove themselves as a Democrats in the discontented democracy. There are many cases of Contra democratic practices in the world… It seems that democracy is being eaten by Democrats and capitalism is being swallowed by capitalists. Perfect competition has almost died when existing of giant corporate houses such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola and Mc Donald and so on. Those IT giants are doing excellent jobs but they have also exercised monopoly market and competing how to capture the market by buying, merging or destroying similar, local and small enterprises. The free market is filled with deception, manipulation and asymmetric information as a strategy. Due to such economic culture promoted by the few in the name of many, intolerable inequality and climate crisis are the biggest threats for the future. Richest are hesitant to invest in climate protection and to talk about inequality. To pull out the hand of the USA from Paris Climate Accords by Donald Trump is an example. Blaming poor farmers for the pollution and asking them to invest more is nonsense as farmers are growing food while richest are flying in the sky by consuming expensive fuel, eating farmer’s food and creating more pollution. TM Scanlon says “Economic inequality can give wealthier people an unacceptable degree of control over the lives of others; can undermine the fairness of political institutions and undermines the fairness of the economic system itself.”

The state is being unable to foresee and manage such risks of the growing competition. The private sector is doing excellent jobs and making millions and billions profit but welfare state is forced to impose austerity. There is no law, which guarantees a home for homeless, a plate of food for hunger, a medicine for the sick or a job for an unemployed and so on. This is how, I think, justice for the poor is denied by designed. The discontents must be reviewed in due course.

8 thoughts on “Justice is denied by designed

  1. Food for thought if, alas, not for eating! Your final sentence, “The discontents must be reviewed in due course”, is a thought-provoking understatement.

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    1. INCOMESCO / Jesi 04/07/2017 — 7:51 am

      Many thanks Dave for the inspiring words. 🙂

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  2. Beautifully said. Our leaders right now are anything but leaders. They looked at their self interests and make decisions that way. I hope this is a cycle that we can get out of hands let the people see what is happening to them.

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    1. INCOMESCO / Jesi 05/07/2017 — 7:06 am

      Thank AVB, for the beautiful words. True! the world must be unlocked :). The traditional democratic system should be reviewed in terms of justice, real representation and majoritarian system whether it has worked, and much more.


      1. Here’s one more thing that really bothers me. Why should Wyoming with a population of 560000 people have two senators when California has a population of 42 million people and has the same two senators? That’s what throws the Electoral College off-kilter. We need to look at all of these things but until Democrats and or someone else other than Republicans have power this will never be addressed.

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        1. INCOMESCO / Jesi 05/07/2017 — 8:29 am

          Agreed! Similarly, I would like to add an example of majoritarian system:
          – USA: President Donald Trump got only 63 million vote out of 320 million Americans, whereas Hilary Clinton had 65.9 million vote- more than Trump’s vote,
          – UK: only 17,410,742 British voted for Brexit out of 64.6 million,
          – India: Narendra Modi is a Prime minister of 31 percent- 171,660,230 votes; whereas there are 1.25 billion people.
          You see, this is a majoritarian system of our democracy!!! and USA, UK and India are regarded as mother lands of democracy !


          1. You are correct indeed. These are in justices that are set up in the system to make sure the ruling elite stays in power.

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            1. INCOMESCO / Jesi 05/07/2017 — 11:21 am

              Yes, this is all about the system. Thank you.


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