Global warming has become a true challenge of globalisation: Stiglitz

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof Joseph Stiglitz- former Chief Economic Advisor to President Bill Clinton and World Bank) has claimed that globalisation has been discontents, so He has suggested the way of Making Globalisation Work. In his words:

  • The Washington consensus had paid too little attention to equity. (17)

  • Global warming has become a true challenge of globalization. (17)

  • Economic globalization has outpaced political globalization (21); we have a chaotic uncoordinated system of global governance without global government.

  • The need of confidence international institution to deal with challenges posed by economic globalization. (21)

  • Many of the problems with globalization are of our making- are a result of the way globalization has been managed. (24) Hence new system/ reformation/ another world is possible.

Making Globalization work is not easy because the beneficiaries from globalization are very powerful and will resist of reform.


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