Justice: A bizarre coincidence

In Nepal, finally, a senior medical doctor, named Dr. Govinda KC, was arrested by the police when he was in unto death hunger strike. Since a long, he has been fighting against corruption and unaccountable governance in medical sector especially the licensing practice of medical colleges where the basic conditions of licensing are unchecked. The main reason to arrest him is that Dr. KC blamed the Chief Justice and judiciary as a shelter of corruption. The prime minister was saying that he has not been informed about the detention. 

Dr. KC had staged similar strikes by demanding a fair policy and implementation of the medical licensing system. He has been blaming that the government and medical council were providing the operation license without fulfilling the basic requirement for huge financial mishandling and corruption. It is sheer negligence of public health. Since many agreements had been done between Dr. KC and the government of Nepal to improve the system but did nothing, nothing followed honestly. Due to what Dr. KC had to put himself at risk of several unto-death hunger strikes to give pressure to the concern authorities and institutions. The detention of Dr. KC has been raised a serious question of universal human rights of peaceful movement and the responsibility of the government. And, raised an issue whether the judiciary and justice are above the constitution that cannot be criticised in any case of wrongdoing.

Another similar case happened in the poor nation which has not been shorted yet out. A couple from western village of Nepal started the unto-death hunger strike in 2013 by seeking a justice after their son was killed. They were demanding the government to arrest the murderers of his son as their beloved son was killed by the Maoist insurgent. Nanda Prasad Adhikari- husband- was died at the age of 52 in a hospital on 22 September 2014, the 333rd day of his fast. The Adhikari wife has been continuing the strike from a bed of the same hospital. During the 13 years long Maoist war in Nepal, about 20 thousand innocent people were killed and some of them are still missing. But now the Maoist leader is enjoying the power of the multiparty system by putting their Maoism aside. The international community and national forces are now working with Maoist leaders and their ‘bloody’ success instead of punishing the criminals to offer a justice to the victims. Nanda Prasad Adhikari’s body is still lying in a fridge of the forensic department at TU Teaching Hospital. The Adhikari couple’s son had refused to receive his father’s body for final rites by repeating the same demand. It seems that there is no justice.

A bizarre evidence was seen in August 2017 that the Supreme Court (SC) of Nepal ordered the police administration to release Chudamani Sharma, who was the Director General of the Inland Revenue Department, saying there was no sufficient ground to keep him in custody. Sharma was facing a corruption case of embezzling Rs 10.2 billion. The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), which arrested Sharma on June 2 and filed the corruption case against him and other officials as well.

The main concern is that the justice is denied; people’s non-violence movement is defeated. There is the insufficient concern raised by the international community in support of Adhikari couple and Dr. KC. The democracy and the human rights are taken as a form of double standard. It is on the edge of the knife. It is sure that when people raise the voice, all ill intention will be defeated.


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