A Question, Answer and Summation | Poetry

Lost her life, family, and friends

A victim strange woman

begging shelter

A woman, who is living the house

Doesn’t like her to be in the house

The husband is wordless

Victim women made by state !

The victim, stranger!

A citizen of no state

Within men, however, without humanity!

Question- why the creator create a man?

Answer- why men are not being a human!

Summation- a big blame game

Empty heart

Need to be filled up with-

Man is replaced by the human, and

The state replaced by humanity

So that there are

The world is free from the enemy!

Family and friend in the shelters

Can anyone give back a lost life?

@2018, Jesi


2 thoughts on “A Question, Answer and Summation | Poetry

  1. Great poem about women’s oppression – seems to cover all the bases.

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    1. Jesi | INCOMESCO 06/02/2018 — 10:36 pm

      Thank you, I am awarded! I believe women are the roots of the society and men are the branches, the deeper and stronger the roots the more prosperous the tree/society. Dedicating this poems on the occasion of suffrage day (UK is celebrating the suffrage day today)


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