UK University Pension Strike: Creating Fairer Society!

Early this morning eyes went to a news analysis on pension strike and salary of the VCs of the UK’s universities published by the Guardian

“Vice-chancellors simply cannot justify the fact they are paid many times more than their local council and NHS trust chief executives, at a time when their own staff have been fighting for their pensions,”

Of course, the government authorised to increase tuition fee and VC’s salary because the increment has been legalised by the law which is approved by the state. The state did that great job, why? Obviously, because it is the ‘system’ to encourage the private sector, who invest in public infrastructure. That’s absolutely right, but also the private sector- obviously profit seeker. So, if there is something wrong with such salary chaos then it is the system that is failing to address the aspiration of many. If there is high profit that is a subject of taxation to pay more amount then the CEOs can take a decision to increase expenses in the name of institutional promotion so that they save taxation. This is the accounting system enabling the CEO to manipulate finance. Let’s take some examples of state involved discrimination and manipulation:

Money gambling inside the football sector to buy and sell footballer,

Discriminatory pay between men and women for the same work.

Millions zero-hour contract young generation, who have a contract letter in the hand without the job guarantee.

People queuing at the food bank, whereas others are being a cause of huge food waste,

Tax heaven, and so on. [x] [x] [x]

Is it good for a fairer society? Is not it a shame? If the free market is adopting manipulation, deception, and asymmetry as a market strategy then there is less chance of making a ‘fairer society’. The state is involved directly or indirectly in those discrepancies; can the state take those sole responsibility!? or who else is responsible for the education system, which is assumed as a lucrative business?

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  1. Good luck! This is such a problem everywhere.


    1. Jesi | INCOMESCO 27/03/2018 — 2:16 am

      Thank you, 🙂


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