Climate and food: human responsibility

Due to infinitely increasing population and changing diet style we need more food, whereas the capacity of natural resources to produce the services are limited. The water is depleted, the land is encroached and the environment is polluted because of growing non-agricultural human activities. Agriculture is the main source of food production and the farmers are the important force to drive agriculture sector. The human activities have put severe pressure on eco-system, environment, and climate. And, the agriculture sector has been badly affected due to increasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emission from the exhausted climate. Agriculture itself is responsible to contribute GHG emission. Past discourse of development, especially after 1950s, has pushed the planetary boundaries to cross their limit and some of them are already at the  risk of sudden collapse.

Now, it has been a greatest challenge of development trajectories how to preserve amazing natural properties to sustain their services for the ultimate benefit of humanity. If precautionary measures are not considered seriously, it is sure, one day the eco-system will collapse. So, we need to find a safe place where maximum food productivity is possible by employing minimum resources. This is possible by reducing food waste and applying dynamic power of technology, and that give new shape of the sustainable world.

Hence, this blog talks more about food system, human activities and eco-system, and their interactions with the thoughts of mitigating trade-offs and promoting synergies so that the world will be safe place for the humanity. Please come forward to shake hands with INCOMESCO. Let’s create a big awareness of severity of planetary limitation and the need of more food and development infrastructure. So, our aim to write is ‘sustainable enough food for all from least resources.’


3 thoughts on “Climate and food: human responsibility

  1. Important topic, I’ll be interested to read what you have to say. Good luck


    1. Jesi | INCOMESCO 09/10/2018 — 6:29 am

      Thank you. Yes, we need to be more interactive on such an urgent issues for the safe food and earth. I would like to share these links
      Final call to save the world from ‘climate catastrophe’

      ‘Tipping points’ could exacerbate climate crisis, scientists fear

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