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I decided to change the address i.e. link of the blog, but I did not realise a mess I have to short out. It was my little knowledge to handle such a big technique. So, first, I saw a big mess in the google search where INCOMESCO was flagged with the old link which I already changed. When clicked on it, it just says no longer available. I already put my concern on the google system so that they remove the old link, but it has still been the old link flagging up the same way on the google search page.  I am hopeful it is taking time but will be good. In the meantime if anyone has the idea on it please help me out there, that is really appreciated.   

Old site address of INCOMESCO
Google search result that did not support the new link

I wanted to change the address of the blog and I found an easy way to change the link in the WordPress help centre and followed the guideline from the dashboard. Easily changed it! but later, I had to remember the connections of the blog with different sites of the social media and the content itself via old addressed/link. They must change. Oh! It took me two days to remember and update them. But anyway, I really enjoyed it as I learned so much through the process that has increased my knowledge to share my Words through the Web to the World. Once, I am able to DIY (Do It Yourself) independently then I will be able to own a domain. The INCOMESCO, now, can be reached at    but not     

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