Connecting People with Food Policy: Gathering and Translating Experiences – 1


A Highlight

The theme ‘gathering and translating evidence of lived experience of food-related problem’ of the program sounded me very inquisitive before entering the Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre of City, University of London to participate the 2018 City Food Policy Symposium on 25th of April. Although, I am late to share this post however sharing experience is always interesting. The program was based on the citizen-led approach to address how to gather live experience of food problem and translate it into effective food policy. The massage of the program was food policy based on the live experience of a citizen is effective in delivering its goals to the targeted group or

Report of the City Food Symposium 2018

on How can evidence of lived
experience make food policy
more effective and equitable
in addressing major food
system challenges?

individual. By doing so, an individual member of the society is connected directly…

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