Connecting People with Food Policy: Gathering and Translating Live Experiences – 2

A new effective food policy based on people’s experience can lead to creating a new equitable food system to address the needs of the future. Read more


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Again, Policy Matter

‘Food policy matters because food affects everyone’ (Hawkes, 2016 p3). The challenges we have been facing currently is what the policymakers did in the past and what they did not do, knowingly or unknowingly. Traditional food policy is narrow, less competitive (Centre for Food Policy, 2016); which is just carried out traditionally from the past generation. The hope is timely-effective food policy can address the managerial and behavioral problem of the food system. Indeed, the cultural preference, resource, work, and policy are preventing people to gain access to quality food (Centre for Food Policy, 2016). We just behave our food and prefer them in terms of test and familiarity which is traditionally accepted, but we don’t judge benefits, quantity, and quality in line with the need of health and food performance. The symposium was trying its best to reflect a strong need to…

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