Food Bank: Fighting Hunger


Food bank is the non-profit organisation that distributes food to those who are unable to purchase when affecting from natural disaster, weak physical and mental condition, bankrupt, and orphan. There are varieties of food bank models run by charity organisations, community, and churches as well as private individuals. John van Hengel founded first food bank in 1967 in Arizona, US.   The Global Food Banking Network is an umbrella organisation of food bank network and over 25 countries have already joined the network. Since the financial crisis since 2007 popularity of food bank has been gained. The fact is food production is getting insufficient to meet day to day demand. People normally need 2,124 calories Intake per day. According to the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) in the world it is estimated that about worth of $1 trillion food gets lost or waste in production and consumption systems, more than 840 million…

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