Planetary Boundaries, Food and Humanity


Let me take an opportunity talking about Planetary Boundaries(PBs), food and humanity. Due to the complex interaction between human activities and the ecosystem the humanity and food system is facing severe threats. The evidences show that after 1950, a massive change in climate has been noticed and came across the surface in a most challenging way. The changing natural settings of ecosystems due to human activities have increased the risks of sudden collapse and irreversible changes. The main drivers of change are the demand for food, water, and natural resources in a face of severe biodiversity loss and leading to changes in ecosystem services.

Johan Rockström is a Professor in Environmental Science
Johan Rockström is a Professor in Environmental Science
Image source: SRC

The PBs represent a conceptual framework of the effect of ongoing unlimited human activities on the limited capacity of the earth. There are nine planetary boundaries identified. The nine PBs regulate the stability and resilience of…

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