Accessibility: in Food Security and Vulnerability

It was nice to contribute a presentation  “Ensuring Food Security for Vulnerable in Nepal” for an INGO i.e. Enablement Nepal. The INGO works for the well-being of vulnerable people in Nepal especially in the physical accessibility where the person with a disability has been facing the immense barrier to gain access to school, hospital or even their home. I tried to assimilate the approach of accessibility in physical infrastructure and the accessibility in food security. My concern is without having access to food, no vulnerable can enjoy even they have well access to physical infrastructure. Because I didn’t see a well extensive approach of food security in disability that has been established in Nepalese disability literature. The following interesting figure (a slide) that I created to understand the approach and the concept of accessibility in food security and disability management and presented in the program.

Image: Jesi for Incomesco

The food comes first, and the affordability enables vulnerable to enjoy from the services provided in the community. The approach Accessibility in the food security sector underlines the affordability of the individual consumer. To empower affordability (purchasing power) of vulnerable people income, employment and livelihood management are considered as the driving force. The cash support such as donation, allowances, direct cash transfer and so on are used to support the vulnerable who are still unable to earn income such as children, pregnant women, elderly people. Nepal constitution-2015 has taken food as a right based approach, its article 36 and 51 has …..clearly mentioned about this. However, a lack of strong lobbying and institution this approach has not been implemented. Rather, it is misunderstood.

source: Jesi
source: Jesi

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