Ensuring food security for vulnerable

It was nice to participate in a discussion program with the concerns on  “Ensuring Food Security for Vulnerable”. The presentation program was organised by the Enablement Nepal. The INGO works for the well-being of vulnerable people in Nepal especially in the field of physical accessibility where the person with disability has been facing immense barrier to gain access to school, hospital or even their home. The accessibility is an important dimension of food security and equally important in disability too. The accessibility in disability focus more on physical infrastracture. Disability literature talks less about the food accessibility. So there is huge gap to understand the accessibility in terms of food security for vulnerable. Hence, I have assimilated the approach of access in physical infrastructure and food security for the capability empowermenr and social well being of vulnerable people. My concern is- without having access to food, no vulnerable can have access to physical infrastructure. The following PDF documents may help to understand the accessibility in food security and disability management.

Image: Jesi | INCOMESCO
Image: Jesi | iINCOMESCO

In their day to day life of humanbieng, food is the important eliments. it comes first and it is whole life. The affordability in terms of purchasing power enables vulnerable to have access to enough food. Physical infrastructure and its kind of accessibility also enable vulnerable especially person with disability to have access to food, as well as the access to the services available in the community. The accessibility approach in the food security sector underlines the affordability of an individual. To empower the capability of an individual to afford the cost, time and efforts i.e. a kind of purchasing power in terms of economic well being of vulnerable people; income, employment and livelihood management are considered as the driving force. Professor Amartya Sen has well defined about the entitlement to empower the capability of individual. According to ‘the’ Sen, the entitlement is a compulsary social benefit or direct money transfer system to the hand of the weakest vulnerable such as an urphant child, single octogenarin, pregnent women and person with disability. They are unable to work and earn money to maintain their affordability to have acess to food or to consume services available from any kind of physical infrastructure. The entitlement can be ensured by the national leagle system meaning it must be provisioned compulsarily and clearly by the law.

Nepal constitution-2015 has taken food as a right based approach, its article 36 and 51 has clearly mentioned about this. However, a lack of strong lobbying and institution this approach has not been implemented. Rather, it is misunderstood. (This post was published on INCOMESCO on 14/02/2019)

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