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Since I came to know 

There is a future 

What will be done?

Desire to be a materialistic

More money, profit and luxury

Besides, nothing to do as a human

But the question asks me-

What about the humanity of human, common and justice?

Can money buy things around humanity?

Or make human unhuman?

An entity only keen on the matter, dead goods of no heart

By putting their men in the crossroads who has, indeed, created this entity

While creating that entity

Men were expecting their life would be more rewarded

Their next generation would be an even better position 

But, a leader of these entities tells 

Go out Bro- exit, please!

In the rainy midnight 

With gale, torrential and gusts 

Darkest midnight 

Pouring waters around the meadow, even not possible to spend a microsecond 

But must go out…

With grief, far cry; pain

Because leaders, entities were created

To rule upon us

The leader (?) could not, and do not listen!

But they are the leader

Oh, Leaders!

Therefore, he becomes a leader to take a risk

So, he tells all men should go out

For the shake of his interest.

Hope is not dead

There is still nature

She is crying with us

With torrential, gale and rain

She is still alive to listen to our grief.

The question always asks me

How and why

A human go against humanity

Are they really a human?

Or a shadow of the ghost?  

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