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Creating awareness from the poetry on the food system, humanity and nature

The stags were sleeping with their wife 

With an innocent infant baby

But a city seeker

A so-called creator

Suddenly came and shot them all

To make the most beautiful city!

Thousands of stags were killed to create a city  




Is innovation killing to create the cities?


It is impossible to expect life from the butchers

Because the assassination of creatures is the approach of the justice of the butchers   

So, the city is created by assassinating of

Thousands of stags, trees, bees, living creatures and their food.  

But, in contrast, the butcher is creating an illusion of a sustainability

By creating unsustainability, fear and sabotage.  

Yet, the butchers are announced for the big prizes

For their innovation of killing of the system  

Rewarded as the innovators, after killing innocent stag family

Then, clapping, laughing, cocktailing, celebrating a happiness

Without giving stags any information of wrongdoings, crime

They were butchered in a minute

Even stags were not treated as like an enemy

Where they were playing with the community

Neither were informed bees nor ants    

By mandatory information of killing and the crime

Yes, stags, bees and ants are cordoned by the innovation of sabotage

Until the butchers reside in the community

It is impossible to expect a life

So, it is seer impossible to have sustainability

Where unsustainability is sustainable!

In the graveyard of the stags!!!  

Injustice is the only justice!!!

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2 thoughts on “A City | Poetry

  1. sadly human consciousness
    hasn’t evolved enough
    from the primitive 😦

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    1. Thank you so much. True. Humanity is jeopardised by the human. Climate change, inequality and poverty are human created problems.

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