Agro-forestry to preserve environment and gain more food

We need a clean environment to preserve earth by loving humanity however, natural settings of eco-system is being sabotaged. The excuse behind the sabotaging the natural order is economic growth. Indeed, Economic growth is essential to bring prosperity but growth should be pro-ecosystem, wellbeing and humanity. When growth is accelerated, the way of preserving environment should also be multiplied. So, human behaving with nature is out of track as it has been damaging the environment. Man is the best driver of the development and progress. And, the outcome of the development shouldn’t hurt the hearts.  Thus, men should change their behaviour how they have been dealing with the nature. The motto of changing human behaviour should be for promoting wellbeing.

How does a man change his behaviour to preserve nature naturally? There could be many ways to get there. Thus it is a matter of well research based on the principle of trade off and synergies. It is a huge ambitious issue. However, one thing certainly a man need to change the way of consuming things from which they get food, transportation, technology and so on. For example, man have been trying to improve climate change by growing greenery and planting necked trees. Instead, they can plant more food/fruit trees that can be the best alternative to increase food stuff, preserve environment and reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emission. Agriculture is the best for the food security however, it produces about 21 percent GHG. By considering the fact, the pattern of farming should also be considered to change, if it is necessary.

Why don’t humans think about growing fruit trees by replacing necked trees in the community areas?

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Feature image: Pexels

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