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Gross Domestic Happiness- GDH

We celebrated the UN World Happiness Day on March 20th. On the occasion, World Happiness Report 2016 was published by ranking 157 countries and their happiness levels. This is third report since it first published in 2012. Happiness is a feeling of contentment. Perfect happiness comes when all needs of the person are satisfied and… Continue reading Gross Domestic Happiness- GDH

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Sustainable Development Goals

Inclusive Development: Deed or Greed !

Development or Greed!  Development seems like a buzz word, which is a never-ending myth. There is no single and a unanimous definition and has a vague meaning from personal development to physical infrastructure. Indeed, the meaning of development may  vary as per the needs and preferences of societies and individuals. Besides, the approach of development is an important path which is based on theory or practises to achieve the best possible objectives. However,… Continue reading Inclusive Development: Deed or Greed !


India will never win if neighbour lose the hope

Nepal, a small himalayan country that lies between China and India is now facing acute shortage of basic supplies like medicine, petroleum product and foods. This is due to an unofficial blocked imposed by India to Nepal. About one and half decades of Maoist insurgency, eight year long constitution making process from constituent assembly, massive earthquakes and now finally this blockage has left this country helpless and people are forced to seek international support.