I wonder; yet, why billions of people are destitute? The fact is, two of the nine planetary boundaries of the earth have already crossed the limit and risked of sudden collapse. There is evidence of sophisticated Mesoamerican Maya civilisation collapse due to drought and famine. Inequality, climate severity, multi-dimensional poverty and billion destitute are the by-product of the development approach we believe in. Indeed, it seems, the face of chronic problems has been changed! Problems, in the real term, are not shooting but creating in different ways. Even, the nice bubbles of the information technology are not safe due to inhuman human activities, I can tell.

I have found myself entangled around the complex issues of ‘limited resources and alternative uses’ since I educated in economics. I have been pondering whether it is a failure of the economic science, or economics is being manipulated by political science to promote its own economy; such as an economy of ‘rent-seekers’ or ‘invisible hand’ or the economy of the state under control. Or, the development approach  was the wrong remedy or let’s say, the ‘trickle-down’ windfall gain is the only tricks that have to be accepted by the bottom billions! Now, the real gap of our deed has been an area of my deep interest to dig about. My award-winning weblogs INCOMESCO and Simanta have helped me out there to share the words to the world through the web. It’s true, the world is desperately seeking a space to be safe!  

In regard to this, I focus most of my efforts on achieving the sustainable food system through capability empowerment and system resiliency. I am an accomplished MSc Food Security and Development graduate from the University of Reading UK with experience in a multidisciplinary understanding of how food systems work, and the main drivers of global food (in)security, malnutrition, poverty and climate change. I have also completed a Master degree in economics, Bachelors in law and education too.

Thanks to my dedication, I have gained a strong experience after working in the richest and the poorest location in the world like the UK and Nepal. Those, I believe, are the reason for disseminating my thoughts. As a book-worm, I have been cultivating my mind from the thoughts of Sen, A., Stiglitz, J., Shiller, R., Piketty, T., Sachs, J., Locke, J., Rostow, W., Smith, A., Marx, K., and so on. I have published articles on magazine, papers and blogs on sustainable socio-economic development. And, this will be continued. Currently, I focus most of my efforts on achieving the highest productivity from the least amount of input, with the aim of achieving food security for all.

If you find I am close with your thoughts, why not support me by joining me in this juncture. Feel free to Follow/subscribe below. Thank you.

– Jagadish (Jesi)

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We care, share and explore the issues on sustainable food system, capability empowerment, system resilience, new economy and the area of interest. Let’s build something together. Please join with us.

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78 thoughts on “Author”

    1. Wow! thank you so much my dear friend for nominating me for such a lovely award. I will go through the instruction and let you know as soon as possible.

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    1. Hello ! Thank you so much for inviting me. I will try my best 😀 ; but not sure how to do it 😦 ; Any way I will go through the rules 🙂

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    1. Thank you too Lalaj, for visit and taking time to encourage me . It’s really nice to visit your blog, I enjoyed a lot. Wish you all the best.

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    1. Thank you Lynne for stopping by and taking time for the comments. Looking forward to reading your posts. Wish you all the best.


  1. It looks like you’re doing important work here. I’m sure there are many people who appreciate it, myself included.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. It means a lot.

    Have a great day!

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    1. Thank you Daniel for the patience to read my blog and your valuable comments. I am trying my best but I think I need to do a lot. wish you all the best.

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    1. Many thanks for the visit and taking time to post comments. I will try my best. But I need help and support from visitors like you. Your visit and comments like this encourage / inspire me to work even better. Wish you all the best.

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  2. Jesi you have a wonderful blog! I like both of these (old and new) very much. I like the older version beacuse of the beautiful green color and it is shorter. I think readers love colorful, short messages. Is there a way to combine the two. In other words make the new shorter then use the green? These are just ideas. Again you have a wonderful blog!

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    1. Thank you Muzzy for the visit and valuable words. I hope, frequent visit and interaction will be a milestone for the journey. Your advice is always appreciated.

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  3. नमस्ते जेसि जि। Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Hope my thoughts on Nepal do the country and its people justice. I lived there for two years…working initially with 2 HIV/AIDs projects in Kavre, and thereafter with a land rights organisation based in Kathmandu. Happy days indeed, despite the difficulties faced by a good deal of the population…Nepal has undoubtedly left mark on my soul… John

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    1. Wow! John you know Nepali language as well ! Thank you so much for the kind words and visiting my blog as well. See you any time soon. Warm regards.


  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and following it! I just looked at some of your posts. Very interesting. I applaud your work in this area and wish you well in your efforts!

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  5. Hey there,
    I am quite new to WordPress and the way it works. I was just going through various blogs seeking for inspiration and luckily I tumbled across your blog. This one no doubt stood out for me right from the beginning. From the layout to the presentation to banner to the way how everything has been organised is just really classy and looks quite professional.
    Regardless the fact that I have no knowledge about economics I thoroughly enjoyed myself going through your posts especially the reviews section.
    Keep up the commendable job! Good luck.

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