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The global appetite for sand and fuelling crisis

Work conditions for sand miners vary starkly. In Cambodia and southwest China, highly mechanized sand mines offer little local employment. In Nepal, labour-intensive sand mines may employ hundreds of people. And, in Myanmar, households living along rivers may be involved in informal river sand collection. A sand mine in Nepal. Growing urbanization and its need… Continue reading The global appetite for sand and fuelling crisis

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Happy New Year

Dear followers, best wishers and readers I wish you a very happy New Year 2020. On this occasion I would like to share an inspiring short podcast, interviewed with the great climate activist and an inspiring world icon Greta Thunberg by the Guardian journalist. Some of the sentences she mentioned during the interview are very… Continue reading Happy New Year

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Change | Poetry

Change ! It seems an inappropriate to see the justice of life and happiness Because the city was made for the hunters by the hunters Who rather prefer to have flesh Hunting is their profession For food no alternative but to be sacrificed A different society we believe in The way the hunters believe in… Continue reading Change | Poetry

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A City | Poetry

Creating awareness from the poetry on the food system, humanity and nature The stags were sleeping with their wife  With an innocent infant baby But a city seeker A so-called creator Suddenly came and shot them all To make the most beautiful city! Thousands of stags were killed to create a city   Oh!  Creator!?… Continue reading A City | Poetry

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Human’s ill activities against eco-system

The population growth is unlimited but the capacity of the earth to sustain its services is limited. Due to increasing human activities on land, water, air and overall environment; a severe stress on ecosystem has surfaced since the 1950s. Four of nine planetary boundaries (environmental limits within which humanity can safely operate) have now been… Continue reading Human’s ill activities against eco-system

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Public transport: mindfulness and preserving environment

I love to use the public transportation system for little help to the planet, environment and health instead of driving regularly. For me, this is the best time to read books, reports, news articles and to be creative for the next posts. Public transport is the best way of peace of mind and freedom from… Continue reading Public transport: mindfulness and preserving environment

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Valentine with Food and Natural Resources

land used to be open but it has been massive encroached Valentine with Food and Natural Resources Are you agree? (Image: Jesi) Wish you all a very special Valentine day  🙂 Read more on INCOME5CO Latest posts Related posts

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A painful story of megacities

WW Rostow is a pioneer of stages of economic growth and modern development approach that is also known as a modernisation approach. The well-known Rostow's five stages of growth are explained in terms of traditional society, transition, take-off, maturity and mass consumption. In today's unequally divided society, a big chunk of the global population are struggling… Continue reading A painful story of megacities

Sustainable Development Goals
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Malnutrition Poverty and Data Error

Last two years were my hectic journey of academic life which was so hard however it was paid off. Finally, I achieved my another Master Degree (MSc) in food security and development from the University of Reading, United Kingdom. The strong knowledge of food security has widened my future responsibility in chasing the solution of malnutrition,… Continue reading Malnutrition Poverty and Data Error

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Democracy is not Creating a Fair Food Policy!

The Americans have realised that their democracy is not working to create a fair society. As a witness of this, an eye-opening thought from world-renowned economist Joseph E Stiglitz has vowed again that “Most Americans want a higher minimum wage, they want gun control, they want access to healthcare … yet our democracy can’t deliver… Continue reading Democracy is not Creating a Fair Food Policy!