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A developing country which has immense potentials of development in terms of available natural resources including hydro-power, however, there seems acute shortage of investment. If such potentials is not a concern of global governance then what would globalisation mean for the owner country and global population? View the gap between global governance and local needs: Continue

The PPP is an alternative investment source of private funding for the public infrastructure and it is considered as a good example of participatory approach of modernisation, however it increases the cost of the services. Is the services provided using PPP is accessible and affordable for the poor? Read the different cases studies of developed and developing countries: Continue

Indeed, inequality has been largely ignored in discussions of monetary policy. Of course, central banks are not charged with the task of addressing poverty and inequalities in the distribution of wealth, income or consumption – nor are they dealing with the broader challenge of promoting economic justice. So what do we know about the impact of ‘monetary policy of central bank’ on the distribution of wealth, income and consumption? Read a deed and find the alternative way out:  Continue

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I am thankful to be with Noble Prize laureate (economics 2013) Professor Robert Shiller (Right). He is the co-author of ‘Phishing for Phools : The Economics of Manipulation and Deception’, which is also written by George Akerlof; at Surrey Global Summit 14-16 March 2016. Professor Shiller was giving a lecture about his book Phishing for Phools’. Image: Jesi | INCOMESCO | Design: Jesi

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