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”We have not inherited the earth from our parents, but we owe it for our future generation”


Date: 13/06/2014  

My visit in the world 

When I was 3 years I went to Bhairawa, Nepal. I had visit Lumbini, The birth place of Buddha, Nepal. When I was 5 years I went to Pokhara, Nepal. We did boating there.

Then when I was 6 years I came to The Netherlands. I visited many cities of The Netherlands, They are Leiden, Amsterdam, Rotterdam The Hague, Schevenengen, Keukenhof and Eindhoven. This year I went to Dusseldorf, Germany and United Kingdom. I visited my family in Basingstoke, London. Then I went to London, isle of white, Oxford, Reading, Portsmouth of United Kingdom.

Now I am going to Paris, france, Antwerp and Brussels, Belgium

I have translated this in Dutch language as well

Mijn bezoek in de wereld

Wanneer ik was 3 jaar ik ging naar Bhairawa, Nepal. Ik heb bezoek Lumbini, De geboren plaats van budha, Nepal. Waneer Ik was 5 jaar Ik ging naar pokhara, Nepal. We hebben er varen.

Dan waneer Ik was 6 jaar ik kwam naar Nederland. Ik bezoek veel stad van Nederland. Ze zjin Leiden, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Schevennengen, keukenhof en Eindhoven. Dit jaar ik ging naar Dusseldorf, Duitsland en Engeland. Ik bezoek mijn familie in Basingstoke. Dan ik ging naar Londen, Isle of white, Oxford, Reading, Portsmouth van Engeland.

Nu ga ik naar Parijs, Frankrijk; Antwepen en Brussels,

Date:18-04-2014 Today was Good Friday and good day for us. We went to keukenhof (Big tulip garden of Holland). It was raining but we enjoyed it. I was amazed to see many flowers. There were many colors of tulip. You can say it garden of tulip. It was very beautiful that I cannot explain in few words.

Date:14-04-2014 (baisakh 1,2071)Today  was  New Year  2071  of  my  country  (Nepal).  Imissed this New Year. I felt very sad to miss New Year,but no problem. I can go to Nepal in two months. I saidto my mother that I felt happy because I am going toNepal in two months. But I felt sad also because I mustleave Europe.Thank you,

Date:  29-03-2014 Today was Saturday and I had a holiday. After having our lunch we went to peace palace but it was closed. That’s why we cannot visit inside peace palace. We sat outside the palace then we met yogendra uncle and his friends and we clicked many photographs. But we lost our camera I was very sad .We came back home without camera. We remembered our camera. Then we slept.

Date:  11-10-2013 Me and my father were going to Netherlands to meet my mother. Today was my flight to The Netherlands. We landed to Dubai because there was transit by fly Dubai. I played PSP. I ate dinner at plane and slept. In the morning we were on the airport of Dubai.

Date:  12-10-2013 We were going to Amsterdam by fly emirates. I watched movie Yeh Jawani Heh Diwani in the plane. We reached Amsterdam. We went The Hague by train from Schiphol. I met my mother. I was very happy to see my mother in The Netherlands. I hugged my mother. I went to my mother’s room. I slept at bed and played PSP.

Bishista Wagle ©

Kathmandu, Nepal

Currently: Hague, Netherlands

Earthquake in Nepal: My Experience 

As we all know in 2015 April 25, there was a big earthquake in Nepal it was 7.6 rectors scale’s earthquake. I was very scared. When the earthquake came I was going to play after lunch at my sister’s house. The plates started jumping. Then my father screamed earthquake… and I ran and carried my shoes and ran, we went to a free place and sat. The center of the earthquake was Barpak, Gorkha.

There were many losses of building, houses and people, including Dharara which was in sundhara; Basantapur durbar which was in Basantapur; Durbar high school which was in kantipath and dragon store which was in dhapasi. It was running till 4 days.


Godavari visit


At end of January I went to Godavari with my mother and her friends. We went there by bus. We went to Babarmahal and took the bus to Godavari. We reached there after 45 minutes. After that we had breakfast. There were some other kids also. We went to botanical garden in Godavari.

We did boating.We saw many types of plants in the garden . We came back to our spot.

We had lunch. We sang, danced and had fun. We came back to Babarmahal. We came back home by my mother’s friend’s scooter. I had fun in the picnic very much. It was very memorable for me.

Bishista Wagle

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Triyog higher school

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  1. chudamani kafle 04/04/2014 — 5:45 am

    It is very good.sed other day’s also.


    1. Very nice daily journal.


      1. thank you


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