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Brexit was an outcome of a divided campaign within the Tories

Now, the UK has decided to leave the EU following the results from the referendum. People’s verdict is always supreme; everyone should respect the mandate. But the Brexit was an outcome of a divided campaign within the Conservative party i.e. Prime Minister vs Ex-Mayor of London. Also I think, election time is not good as people are disappointed with austerity measures and the European Union (EU). The EU was unable to sort out the problems of austerity,… Continue reading Brexit was an outcome of a divided campaign within the Tories


‘Prime’ Number & Minister  

If the ‘Prime’
Merges with the ‘Ministers’
Meaning ‘Prime Minister’
Super hero number one !
Merges with people
Meaning ‘Prime People’
Super zero meaningless ...

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A thorough assessment on philanthropic activity is necessary

It addresses the impacts and side effects of philanthropic engagement by taking a closer look at the priorities and operations of two of the most prominent foundations, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in two crucial sectors, health and agriculture.


U-turn: Is that fair ?

But, finally, Prime Minister David Cameron and his faithful Austerity master Chancellor George Osborne came to know that Austerity is one of the bad measures, have been applied by the Tory government. The question raises that who will be the responsible for such a blunder mistake by which people and nation loses a lot ? This is a mistake of rich punish to the poor ! Is that fair ?



''Who can now seriously claim that young people aren’t interested in politics or that there is no appetite for a new kind of politics? Above all, it has shown that millions of people want a real alternative, not business as usual, either inside or outside the Labour party. The hope of change and bringing big ideas in is now back at the centre of politics: ending austerity, tackling inequality, working for peace and social justice at home and abroad. That’s why the Labour party was founded more than a century ago.''

This election has given that founding purpose a new force for the 21st century: a Labour party that gives voice to the 99%.''

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Let the euro go: Joseph Stiglitz

Stiglitz said the best way to save the European political project was “to let the euro go … Not only has there been evidence of a lack of solidarity, there is even a misunderstanding of what solidarity is, and you can’t have a group of countries with the same economic arrangements without some degree of solidarity.”

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Economic Recovery: Productive Investment or Destructive Austerity?

The UK’s economy is not bad even it is safer as it has its own currency to manipulate international trade, but need to careful. Only enjoying with austerity is a kind of contraction of economy, it doesn't help in the long run. It is short run rescue plan. Economics always says that expenditure is definitely not a problem if earning is smoothly going on. So need to learn how to earn...

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Austerity Has Failed: An Open Letter from Thomas Piketty et. al.

The humanitarian impact has been colossal—40 percent of children now live in poverty, infant mortality is sky-rocketing and youth unemployment is close to 50 percent. Corruption, tax evasion and bad accounting by previous Greek governments helped create the debt problem. Continue reading


Greece bailout: voting “No”, against “Yes”

Tens of thousands of people were gathered in Greece for two rallies yesterday divided in No or YES camp for the referendum held today. Since there is lack of cash but it has been spent in several elections. Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek finance minister, blamed the creditors as “terrorist”. meanwhile Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister, tweeted a “message of democracy and dignity to Europe and the world”, who backed NO campaign ...

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Income Inequality : Quote of the day

Inequality didn't just happen; it was created by ‘rent seekers’. Much of the inequality that exists today is a result of government policy, both what the government does and what it doesn’t do ...