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Workers in poverty | JRF Report

The total number of workers in poverty has gone up over the last 20 years from 2.3 million workers in 1996/97 to 3.7 million workers in 2015/16. Of these 3.7 million workers in poverty, 1.7 million are full-time employees, 1.1 million are part-time employees and 0.9 million are self-employed workers. Just under half of workers… Continue reading Workers in poverty | JRF Report

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Deficient pay rate for capable people !

Quote of the day The age group 16 to 64 are categorised as an economically active population by considering competitive productivity from them. moreover, the voting right is given to the age 18 and over; meaning is those aged group who can have their say independently through the ballot are believed as responsible and capable mentally… Continue reading Deficient pay rate for capable people !

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Changing workforce: Living Wage or Basic Income

Due to the implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR), the workforce is being changed by artificial intelligence (AI) that includes digitalisation, robotisation and sophisticated information technology. In other words, the human workforce will be replaced by the robots and there is a higher possibility of being redundant of human in the future from the… Continue reading Changing workforce: Living Wage or Basic Income