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Food that feeds the world and heals it too

Jordan Raine, The Conversation According to experts, today’s global agriculture system faces a crisis. Intensive farming with heavy ploughing machinery is causing soil to be lost up to 100 times faster than it is formed – and valuable stored carbon with it too. The soil that remains is becoming depleted of nutrients, thanks to repeated… Continue reading Food that feeds the world and heals it too


Happy Anniversary

It is my 6th anniversary of blogging experience. I could not do much as I had to do other assignments too however the experience of blogging during this period is amazing especially meeting bloggers, following them and their mind blowing thoughts. This blog INCOMESCO has been followed by more than 1000 WP followers; also many… Continue reading Happy Anniversary

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Food Menus: A Mandatory Nutritional Information

Some countries have introduced mandatory nutritional labelling on menus – here's why the UK should follow suit Dolly Theis, University of Cambridge Would you eat a burger if you knew it contained almost 6,000 calories? Some would gladly tuck in while others would recoil in horror. But if you have calories on the menu, at… Continue reading Food Menus: A Mandatory Nutritional Information

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Feeding the world: Archaeological and historical aspects

HoangTuan_photography/Pixabay, CC BY-SA Kelly Reed, University of Oxford What we eat can harm not only our health, but the planet itself. About a quarter of all the greenhouse gas emissions that humans generate each year come from how we feed the world. Most of them are methane released by cattle, nitrogen oxides from chemical fertilisers… Continue reading Feeding the world: Archaeological and historical aspects

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Climate and food: Together we work, we will be stronger

What they did and did not do in the past were the reasons for those consequences from which humanity has been at risk.

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Change | Poetry

Change ! It seems an inappropriate to see the justice of life and happiness Because the city was made for the hunters by the hunters Who rather prefer to have flesh Hunting is their profession For food no alternative but to be sacrificed A different society we believe in The way the hunters believe in… Continue reading Change | Poetry

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Permaculture Summit

Join Permaculture Summit Permaculture Association developing a shared agenda to shift power over our democracy, economy and environment to people and communities across Britain. The event takes place at Potbank ApartHotel at the Spode Works Factory, Stoke-on-Trent over 8-10 May 2019 The cost of attending CTRL-Shift depends on what type and size of organisation you… Continue reading Permaculture Summit

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Valentine with Food and Natural Resources

land used to be open but it has been massive encroached Valentine with Food and Natural Resources Are you agree? (Image: Jesi) Wish you all a very special Valentine day  🙂 Read more on INCOME5CO Latest posts Related posts

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Accessibility: in Food Security and Vulnerability

It was nice to contribute a presentation  “Ensuring Food Security for Vulnerable in Nepal” for an INGO i.e. Enablement Nepal. The INGO works for the well-being of vulnerable people in Nepal especially in the physical accessibility where the person with a disability has been facing the immense barrier to gain access to school, hospital or… Continue reading Accessibility: in Food Security and Vulnerability

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A painful story of megacities

WW Rostow is a pioneer of stages of economic growth and modern development approach that is also known as a modernisation approach. The well-known Rostow's five stages of growth are explained in terms of traditional society, transition, take-off, maturity and mass consumption. In today's unequally divided society, a big chunk of the global population are struggling… Continue reading A painful story of megacities