Capitalism, Climate

Climate crisis: We are the system that needs to change

Yet to solve the major environmental problems the world now faces, we actually need to do both – to change the world and ourselves. In fact, it is even more nuanced than that – because changing ourselves is a prerequisite for changing the world...

Finance, food security

Food of the world: 10 years from today

BY Adhip Wagle The world as we know today is changing at a rapid rate and current human capabilities combined with recent technological advances make it possible for new ground-breaking ideas and creations to come to life every hour of the day. However, the food sector is one area of change that doesn’t get as… Continue reading Food of the world: 10 years from today

Climate, food security

Climate and food: Together we work, we will be stronger

What they did and did not do in the past were the reasons for those consequences from which humanity has been at risk.

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Food trade: The EU and the US on Brexit

At last Brexit - the Britons mandate to leave EU from the referendum of 2016 - it seems it is not only an interest of British people and an outcome of using democratic right but it has also been a big game plan of international trade. Acoording to the JRF's research report 'low skills and… Continue reading Food trade: The EU and the US on Brexit