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The coronavirus is just a beginning of catastrophe

The age of stability is over, and coronavirus is just the beginning Troutnut / shutterstock Wolfgang Knorr, Lund University Humanity has only recently become accustomed to a stable climate. For most of its history, long ice ages punctuated with hot spells alternated with short warm periods. Transitions from cold to warm climates were especially chaotic.… Continue reading The coronavirus is just a beginning of catastrophe


Alienation | Poetry

The humanity have been created For all, everywhere By the nature for free   But it seems that does not belongs to human, Because  Togetherness, helpfulness, empathy and sympathy A decoration, colour, art and artificial The creator nature is  Forcefully pushed into the dark corner between gain and loss Profit, benefit and any materialistic stuff … Continue reading Alienation | Poetry

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Change | Poetry

Change ! It seems an inappropriate to see the justice of life and happiness Because the city was made for the hunters by the hunters Who rather prefer to have flesh Hunting is their profession For food no alternative but to be sacrificed A different society we believe in The way the hunters believe in… Continue reading Change | Poetry

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Questions | Poetry

Since I came to know  There is a future  What will be done? Desire to be a materialistic More money, profit and luxury Besides, nothing to do as a human But the question asks me- What about the humanity of human, common and justice? Can money buy things around humanity? Or make human unhuman? An… Continue reading Questions | Poetry

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Public transport: mindfulness and preserving environment

I love to use the public transportation system for little help to the planet, environment and health instead of driving regularly. For me, this is the best time to read books, reports, news articles and to be creative for the next posts. Public transport is the best way of peace of mind and freedom from… Continue reading Public transport: mindfulness and preserving environment

Sustainable Development Goals
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Malnutrition Poverty and Data Error

Last two years were my hectic journey of academic life which was so hard however it was paid off. Finally, I achieved my another Master Degree (MSc) in food security and development from the University of Reading, United Kingdom. The strong knowledge of food security has widened my future responsibility in chasing the solution of malnutrition,… Continue reading Malnutrition Poverty and Data Error

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Connecting People with Food Policy: Gathering and Translating Experiences – 1

A Highlight The theme ‘gathering and translating evidence of lived experience of food-related problem’ of the program sounded me very inquisitive before entering the Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre of City, University of London to participate the 2018 City Food Policy Symposium on 25th of April. Although, I am late to share this post however sharing… Continue reading Connecting People with Food Policy: Gathering and Translating Experiences – 1

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Climate and food: human responsibility

Due to infinitely increasing population and changing diet style we need more food, whereas the capacity of natural resources to produce the services are limited. The water is depleted, the land is encroached and the environment is polluted because of growing non-agricultural human activities. Agriculture is the main source of food production and the farmers… Continue reading Climate and food: human responsibility

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The purpose of making home

Its been snowing for four-five days that makes life harder in the UK. The almighty nature is powerful, no one can change its rule and direction using a power of gun or resolutions however loss can be mitigated by making system disaster resilient. Man can feel safe when entering the house from the snowy days.… Continue reading The purpose of making home

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A Question, Answer and Summation | Poetry

Lost her life, family, and friends A victim strange woman begging shelter A woman, who is living the house Doesn’t like her to be in the house The husband is wordless Victim women made by state ! The victim, stranger! A citizen of no state Within men, however, without humanity! Question- why the creator create… Continue reading A Question, Answer and Summation | Poetry