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The global appetite for sand and fuelling crisis

Work conditions for sand miners vary starkly. In Cambodia and southwest China, highly mechanized sand mines offer little local employment. In Nepal, labour-intensive sand mines may employ hundreds of people. And, in Myanmar, households living along rivers may be involved in informal river sand collection. A sand mine in Nepal. Growing urbanization and its need… Continue reading The global appetite for sand and fuelling crisis

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The coronavirus is just a beginning of catastrophe

The age of stability is over, and coronavirus is just the beginning Troutnut / shutterstock Wolfgang Knorr, Lund University Humanity has only recently become accustomed to a stable climate. For most of its history, long ice ages punctuated with hot spells alternated with short warm periods. Transitions from cold to warm climates were especially chaotic.… Continue reading The coronavirus is just a beginning of catastrophe

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Ensuring food security for vulnerable

It was nice to participate in a discussion program with the concerns on  “Ensuring Food Security for Vulnerable". The presentation program was organised by the Enablement Nepal. The INGO works for the well-being of vulnerable people in Nepal especially in the field of physical accessibility where the person with disability has been facing immense barrier… Continue reading Ensuring food security for vulnerable

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Valentine with Food and Natural Resources

land used to be open but it has been massive encroached Valentine with Food and Natural Resources Are you agree? (Image: Jesi) Wish you all a very special Valentine day  🙂 Read more on INCOME5CO Latest posts Related posts