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Achieving the SDGoals through Farmers Cooperatives

Uttam Maharjan Nepal is a predominantly agrarian country where over 65 per cent of the population is engaged in agriculture. In a country which has a weak industrial base and which has to depend on exports, the importance of agriculture can hardly be overstated. But the agricultural sector is not up to much as the… Continue reading Achieving the SDGoals through Farmers Cooperatives


Cooperative: Ownership Matters

The Labour Party of United Kingdom is probably the first political party to oppose neo-liberalism because of "anaemic growth, stagnant wages and productivity, stark inequality, low investment, indebted consumer, frequently bubbling asset" and climate severity ( Lawrence, Pendleton and Mahmoud, 2018 ).  According the New Economic Foundation "The flaws in the neoliberal model came to… Continue reading Cooperative: Ownership Matters

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Free Flights from UK to Shri Lanka

Co‑operatives UK is offering free return flights for three young co-operators to attend the Global Youth Forum in Colombo, Sri Lanka in July. To apply for a free return flight, email with ‘Global Youth Forum Flight’ in the subject line before 5pm on 22 May. The free-to-attend, five-day event – from 22 to 26 July – offers opportunities for training, skills… Continue reading Free Flights from UK to Shri Lanka

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COOPERATIVE: Ideal for an Egalitarian Big Society

A wave of thoughts came into my mind about the new economy after reading some mind-blowing books written by Amartya Sen, Joseph Stiglitz, Robert Shiller, Thomas Picketty, Jeffery Shacks and Paul Collier. They have put the global population – who have very limited access to the resources - at the centre of their debate and raised a concern… Continue reading COOPERATIVE: Ideal for an Egalitarian Big Society