Alienation | Poetry

The humanity have been created For all, everywhere By the nature for free   But it seems that does not belongs to human, Because  Togetherness, helpfulness, empathy and sympathy A decoration, colour, art and artificial The creator nature is  Forcefully pushed into the dark corner between gain and loss Profit, benefit and any materialistic stuff … Continue reading Alienation | Poetry

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Change | Poetry

Change ! It seems an inappropriate to see the justice of life and happiness Because the city was made for the hunters by the hunters Who rather prefer to have flesh Hunting is their profession For food no alternative but to be sacrificed A different society we believe in The way the hunters believe in… Continue reading Change | Poetry

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A City | Poetry

Creating awareness from the poetry on the food system, humanity and nature The stags were sleeping with their wife  With an innocent infant baby But a city seeker A so-called creator Suddenly came and shot them all To make the most beautiful city! Thousands of stags were killed to create a city   Oh!  Creator!?… Continue reading A City | Poetry

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Questions | Poetry

Since I came to know  There is a future  What will be done? Desire to be a materialistic More money, profit and luxury Besides, nothing to do as a human But the question asks me- What about the humanity of human, common and justice? Can money buy things around humanity? Or make human unhuman? An… Continue reading Questions | Poetry

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Honesty is the best policy

It is true, Honesty is the best policy in life. All the way through honesty Even in the darkest days With the storm, gale, torrential rain and an all-nighter nowhere to go But, Now the all-nighters nearly there About reaching their destination from the path of alienation with bare hands, But huge experience and a… Continue reading Honesty is the best policy

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Congratulations Simon Armitage

The West Yorkshire poet Simon Armitage, a former probation officer who describes his writing as “no-brow”, has been appointed as the UK’s 21st poet laureate. Armitage, who received a phone call from Theresa May offering him the position on Thursday, said his parents cried when he told them the news – he had made them particularly… Continue reading Congratulations Simon Armitage

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Dehydrated life

Seems life is a full glass of water Taking every sips to satisfy thirstiness It is getting down The last sip, which I wish to be the most enjoyable More splendour, But the last sip! Glass was empty, no more water Took sips Without water glass do nothing Now, remain dehydration A life out of… Continue reading Dehydrated life

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Law | Micro Poetry

  Law Made by rich Punish to poor Injustice is justice @Jesi | 2018 Image : Google search

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A Question, Answer and Summation | Poetry

Lost her life, family, and friends A victim strange woman begging shelter A woman, who is living the house Doesn’t like her to be in the house The husband is wordless Victim women made by state ! The victim, stranger! A citizen of no state Within men, however, without humanity! Question- why the creator create… Continue reading A Question, Answer and Summation | Poetry

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Diwas: An Architect of Words

♦ Tribhuvan Chandra Wagle Tulasi Diwasa, a full vessel of poems, speaks every sentence in poetic decor. Anyone feels and get perfume the poetic composition even during the general conversation with senior poet Diwasa. He defines the poem, as 'the greatest/best avenue of expressing the human's feelings'. Diwasa is not merely a best poet but… Continue reading Diwas: An Architect of Words