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Food is the basic human right

Food is recognised as “the right of everyone to an adequate standard of living for himself and his family, including adequate food, clothing and housing, and to the continuous improvement of living conditions. The States Parties will take appropriate steps to ensure the realisation of this right” to end hunger and achieve food security.

-UN UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS 1948, Article 25(1); ICSECR Article (11), General Comment (12)

The Food System

There will be estimated 9.7 billion people and food demand will increase up to 62 percent by 2050.

The number of undernourished people in the world has been on the rise since 2014, and has increased to nearly 821 million in 2017 from around 804 million in 2016.

Food loss and waste (FLW) is estimated one third of all food production.

The 2 of the 9 planetary boundaries have already crossed their limit and posed a sudden collapse of the system

The main contributors of food insecurity are FLW, climate change, poverty, war, migration, health and trade.

The Gap

The food gap will be 56 percent in 2050 as of 2010, if the growth is business as usual.

About 3 billion more population in 2050 than now.

The more 593 million-hectare land will be needed,

The GHG mitigation gap will 11-gigaton to hold global warming below 2oC (3.6°F).

In the past 30 years, private and public investments in agriculture and rural areas have remained stagnant or have declined in most developing countries.

The food system ought to be addressed by adopting holistic approach from locally, globally and legally to leave no one behind; to feed all.

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Food, Eco-system and humanity are interrelated and complement each other but they are stressed. The capacity of the earth to sustain its services is limited. This blog aims to ensure quality food sustainably from the highest productivity of the smallest inputs. Please, come and join us in this venture.  

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Entitlement approach with regards to food is the ability of people to command food through the legal means available in society, including the value of production possibilities, trade opportunities, entitlements vis-à-vis the state, and other method of occurring food.

Amartya Sen
Entitlement approach

Amartya Sen

Economic inequality can give wealthier people an unacceptable degree of control over the lives of others; it undermine the fairness of political institutions and the fairness of the economic system itself.

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