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The Department of Economics, University of Birmingham, UK

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Jagadish W (Jesi)


MSc Food Security and Development, UK; MA Economics (Nep); BL; BEd


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Vertical farming : changing the face of agriculture

Andrew Jenkins, Queen’s University Belfast A company in Scotland has unveiled what it claims is arguably the world’s most technically advanced indoor farm. Intelligent Growth Solutions’ vertical farm uses artificial intelligence and specially designed power and communication technologies. The firm says this reduces energy costs by 50% and labour costs by 80% when compared to… Continue reading Vertical farming : changing the face of agriculture

Climate crisis: We are the system that needs to change

Yet to solve the major environmental problems the world now faces, we actually need to do both – to change the world and ourselves. In fact, it is even more nuanced than that – because changing ourselves is a prerequisite for changing the world…

Climate and Inequality : It’s Time to Create a New Economy

I stand with the climate striking students – it’s time to create a new economy Julia K. Steinberger, University of Leeds I initiated a letter of support to climate striking students – an English version of the German letter coordinated by ecologist Gregor Hagerdorn, signed by more than 1,000 academics – for many reasons. My… Continue reading Climate and Inequality : It’s Time to Create a New Economy

Food security and learning ability in India :

India: widespread food insecurity may be damaging children’s ability to learn – and the future economy Jasmine Fledderjohann, Lancaster University; Elisabetta Aurino, Imperial College London, and Sukumar Vellakkal, Birla Institute of Technology and Science There has been an impressive expansion in school enrolment in India since the early 2000s. Despite this, India is in the… Continue reading Food security and learning ability in India :

A City | Poetry

Creating awareness from the poetry on the food system, humanity and nature The stags were sleeping with their wife  With an innocent infant baby But a city seeker A so-called creator Suddenly came and shot them all To make the most beautiful city! Thousands of stags were killed to create a city   Oh!  Creator!?… Continue reading A City | Poetry

We hate pollution and love planet; but they hate us…

US reportedly opposed deal, which follows concerns that villages in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia had ‘turned into dumpsites’ Almost all the world’s countries have agreed on a deal aimed at restricting shipments of hard-to-recycle plastic waste to poorer countries, the United Nations announced on Friday. Exporting countries – including the US – now will have to obtain… Continue reading We hate pollution and love planet; but they hate us…


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Making Globalisation work will not be easy. Those who benefit from the current system will resist change, and they are powerful.

Joseph Stiglitz
Making globalisation work

Joseph Stiglitz

Invested capital – in the stock market, in real estate – will grow faster than income (r > g)…The super rich do not produce the wealth but get highest salary from it. This is an absolute form of theft.

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Capital in the twenty-first century

Thomas Piketty

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